Paola Borgia

Changing from the inside out

Paola Borgia is a Certified EFT practitioner, a Licensed Hypnotherapist, an Energy Healing practitioner and a Heart Math Coach.

Specialised in Anxiety, Fertility and Family Trauma

Widely known for her heart-centred approach and peaceful presence, she combines the brilliance of Energy Work with the Power of the Mind and the hidden Wisdom of the Heart.

Through her compassionate guidance you will become fully aware of what has been in your way, you will be able to embrace and bring home all those parts of you who got lost in the way and finally take charge of your life with confidence and peace.

It all starts with YOU!

Sessions available face to face and online. Both in English and Italiano

1 review

  1. An incredible Healing of family trauma

    Thank you Paola for the incredible session. Thank you for your guidance in releasing some ancestral emotional blocks that have been impacting my life. I felt completely safe and able to cut those cords with a past that were not even mine.
    Very grateful.

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