Crystal Dreaming® shamanic journeying

Crystal Dreaming® is a drug-free, non-touch shamanic healing technique developed by Raym Richards.
During this shamanic journey, you may encounter blockages from previous lifetimes or during your current life. Through clearing all that does not align, you may be able to connect with your Spirit Guides and enter a state of bliss 💫

How does it work?
As you lay in a carefully curated crystal mandala and with the guidance of myself during the entire session, you will gently shift into an altered state to clear blockages that arise either in this lifetime or in past lives.
During the journey, I can assist you in releasing:
Past or present life trauma
Cellular memory
Negative energy
Emotional blockages

What can I experience after the clearing?
Once you have cleared any blockages or trauma holding you back, you can then meet your Spirit team and ask any question you like they guide you.

You can experience:
An understanding of your life path and how to get there
A nourishing state of bliss
Emotional, physical and spiritual healing
Understanding the root cause of an issue
Unlocking your past life gifts and talents
Guidance from your Spirit team
Activations of the energetic body
Understanding of any fears or phobias

Pre-requisites for the session are:
No hard drugs for 4 weeks
No recreational drugs for 2 weeks (Cannabis 48hours)
Must not be pregnant
Over the age of 18
In a stable mental condition
Minimize caffeine intake before your session
Try your best to keep plans free after your session

Session go for 2 hours, for $111 until the 15th of August when price will go to $180.

Your session includes some aftercare, and a custom crystal essential oil roller for integration.

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