Andrew Dib Massage & Healing

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I’m a qualified Therapeutic, Deep Tissue and Temple Style Lomi Lomi massage therapist providing attentive and intuitive treatments in relaxation, deep tissue and Hawaiian style Lomi Lomi massage. I am Reiki Level 2 attuned providing energy healing treatments and an experienced Counsellor offering individual counselling.

I love massage and love to massage and work to ensure your treatment is healing and catered to your liking. My style varies depending on your preference − strong and deep muscular treatment or a gentler, soothing complete body rejuvenation. Alternatively, for a more holistic treatment − with a focus on the mind, body and spirit connection − a Lomi Lomi massage experience will linger with you long afterwards. Whichever you choose, it is my aim to take you away for a little while, hopefully transforming you a little and assisting you back into your body again and shifting whatever energy you wish to shift.

Before embracing a career in Massage Therapy, I worked for over ten years in addiction and mental health counselling services. I also spent three years working in the public sector (so I am no stranger to the impacts on the body of a sedentary work lifestyle). My passion is to be of service and to assist people on their journeys of healing and growth.

I work from my beautiful and peaceful home studio in the tranquil and leafy surrounds of Macleod. I also offer a Mobile To You service in the Melbourne region.

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