A whole plant solution to feeling better.

Cannopathy was founded by a family with over 5 generations of hemp farming and knowledge from the Baltic nations in Europe. We are also the official distributors and manufacturers of Cannopathy, Mr. Hempy and Miss Hempy, Sani Hemp brands.

Our team has included (prior to covid restrictions) nurses, therapists, and practitioners from massage, birthing doula, kinesiologist, and hypnotherapy. The owners have been acknowledged by First Nations elders as ‘working with medicine’ referring to our Indigenous bush wellness products. ABC radio and the Sunshine Coast Regional Council (AU) have referred to the owners as ‘Subject Matter Experts’ within the field of medicinal cannabis and the latter has authorized them to conduct many information workshops across the region, all of which have been booked out and received excellent feedback.

Aside from sharing our knowledge of Cannabis, we retail health and nutrition products such as magnesium, bush remedies such as Gumby Gumby and Wilga used for centuries by Australia’s First Nations people. We also stock chemical-free and vegan-friendly cleaning and personal hygiene products. And a range of gorgeous Hemp clothing and humorous and sometimes cheeky bespoke gift-ware.

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