Megan Morris Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Alpine Country Master Hypnotherapist

Hi all I am Megan Morris. Master Hypnotherapist and Life Coach.

Have you ever felt that no matter how much you trying you just seem to stay stuck in the same old spot and repeating the same old patterns in life. Have you ever thought there has to be a better and more natural way to heal yourself? Have you been drawn to natural remedies but feel overwhelmed when it comes to results? Or perhaps you are curious about how the mind can heal the body?

My mission is to help you tap into your inner abilities to move you from a stuck state to a state of thriving and furthermore to release the old emotions that are attached to events.

Whether you are just getting curious about exploring the power of your mind or you’ve already began I am here to teach and help you feel comfortable, confident and on the pathway to healing your mind, body and soul.

And I’ve got lots of ways to help you!

Are you struggling with :

* Anxiety      * Depression       * PTSD     * Trauma    * Ongoing Pain       *Gut Issues

* Addictions    * Limiting Beliefs   * Finding Purpose and Direction

If you answered yes to any of these read on and find out how Hypnosis can help you manage these problems.

Megan Morris High Country Master Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, offers a wealth of knowledge and experience using hypnotherapy and a variety of different techniques to resolve the core issues creating these problems.

She is caring and passionate towards helping people achieve their goals and creating a life that is relaxing and free.

Megan sees client both throughout Australia Wide and Internationally. With today’s technology and the use of video program Zoom. You can book an appointment with her no matter your location.
Megan also sees client in person in the beautiful picturesque Alpine high country town of Myrtleford Victoria.

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