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Earth Aya Energy

I am a qualified Reiki Master, Practitioner & Teacher blending Pranic, Seichim & Crystal Healing plus Essential Oils & Oracle Card Reading into my healing sessions, holistically tailored to my client’s needs. From having a passion to help people from a very young age to studying the beautiful healing arts over the years it now gives me so much pleasure seeing my clients walk away with amazing results. From a deep sense of relaxation to a pain free miracle I feel blessed to be able to facilitate other peoples healing journeys.

My treatment room is located in Healesville VIC with beautiful views of the Yarra Valley and I offer Distance Healing sessions if you can’t come to me. I also have my own range of Crystal and Reiki Infused Aura Sprays and Roll On Blends plus Sage Cleansing Kits and Chakra Crystal Kits to keep you balanced on the go. You can view these on the products page of my website.


Reiki is a form of hands on energy healing using light touch in a non-invasive way. Japanese in origin, ‘Rei’ stands for ‘Universal’ and ‘Ki’ stands for ‘Life Force Energy’ so together Reiki simply means ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. This beautiful energy awakens the body’s natural healing response and promotes self-healing on many levels. Reiki treats the whole person by focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies in our auric field, bringing balance back to your body, your mind and your spirit!


While you lay relaxing on my massage table fully clothed, I work my way from your head to your feet gently placing my hands for a few minutes at a time over each of your chakras or energy points while directing life force energy around the body as needed. If a chakra or energy centre is out of balance Reiki will gently restore it’s natural flow. By setting aside an hour for each session we allow 45-50 Minutes for the Reiki Healing, leaving time at the end for a discussion of any findings, an Oracle Card Reading for further guidance and to answer any questions you may have.


  • Releases Anxiety & Stress
  • Promotes Pain Relief
  • Encourages Relaxation
  • Enhances Natural Self Healing
  • Relaxes the Body & Mind
  • Removes Toxins and Assists Detox
  • Improves Sleep & Insomnia
  • Increases Intuition
  • Helps with Addictions
  • Relieves Fatigue
  • Increases Wellbeing
  • Removes Negative Energy
  • Encourages Emotional Release
  • Stimulates the Immune System
  • Accelerates Healing from Illness, Injury & Surgery

Please feel free to get in touch via email, phone 0414 605 971 or check out my website for more information or to make a booking!


If you would like to learn reiki, experience self healing, self growth, expand your intuition or facilitate healing for others please get in touch via phone 0414 605 971 or email or click here for upcoming course information. My Level One & Two workshops run over a weekend (Sat & Sun 10am-5pm) with small intimate classes of just 4 students, giving us plenty of time for the teachings, discussion, practicing reiki and question time.