Sally Belmont

Yoga Therapeutics

Sally is a practitioner who applies the combination of  Yoga Therapeutics, Deep Relaxations and Meditations with Reiki, Samvahan and Yogic Psychology for healing, health, wellbeing, psycho-spiritual health, personal growth and personal empowerment.

Sally’s unique and eclectic therapeutic approach is experienced in her Private One-One  Sessions, incorporating her therapeutic healing knowledge and experience of nearly two decades.

Following the work of Caroline Myss since the early 1990s. Sally has been a student of the CMED Institute since 2013 where she has joined and contributed to the ‘Reflections’ On-Line Institute. This enhancing and continually adding to her knowledge of the psyche-spiritual-soul connection for an individuals healthy development. This is reflective in her Private One-One Sessions.Sally has been studying also for the past years under Robert Ohotto, a colleague to Caroline.She is now sharing her deeper understanding and knowledge of the Archetypes from her studies with Robert.

Sally has been for the past two decades exploring energy anatomy with her Reiki Energy Healing. Sally is currently integrating this with the Samvahan Ancient Indian Vibrational Healing Massage technique. This very ancient Himalayan tradition technique, Sally had been for the past decade under the tutorage of her mentor and teacher Michael Trembath, before his untimely passing in March 2021.Michael had since 1996 continued the ancient art and linage of the Samvahan tradition from his mentor and teacher Dr Ram Bhosle. Sally is continuing to honour this ancient linage in her Sessions, consistently revealing its great healing benefits to her clients.

Sally is a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Reiki II Practitioner and Samvahan Practitioner.

Yoga Certification ~ 2001

Yoga  Therapeutics Certification ~ 2006-8-10

Reiki I and II Certification ~ 2001

Primordial Sound Meditation Certification ~ 2008

Ayurveda Aromatherapy – Padabhyang Technique ~ 2009

EFT Certification ~ 2013

Samvahan  –  Ancient Indian Vibrational Healing Massage Certification ~ 2015-19

Samvahan – Ancient Indian Vidya Vibrational Massage Certification ~ 2020

Tara Transmission ~ 2018-19-20

Archetypal Astrology ~ 2017 to present