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Joanna Joustra

Based in Healesville, Yarra Valley Counselling offers a friendly local service, that helps individuals and couples to sort through difficult thoughts and feelings, consider strategies to cope with challenging situations and make positive changes.

At Yarra Valley Counselling, the most common issues that people seek  support for include:

relationship difficulties
separation and divorce
grief and loss
managing stress
adapting to life changes
social anxiety and loneliness
mental health issues
alcohol addiction
parental challenges
managing emotions
anger management
conflict resolution
sexuality and gender
trauma and abuse
financial stress
work-related problems
pain management
Life is full of unexpected challenges, and it is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed at times. This happens to us all. A little support in times of hardship can help get us back on track quickly.

Talking through your troubles and reflecting on some practical actions you could take to make real changes to your life, can be an effective way to improve your wellbeing, relieve distress and enhance your relationships.

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