The Peace Practice

The Peace Practice

Hi, my name is Elaine MacLeod.  I am a Usui / Holy Fire III® / Karuna Reiki® Master, Practitioner and Teacher.  I am also a Meditation Guide for small personal groups, corporate and businesses.

I hold one on one and with small groups for healing and teaching sessions from my studio space in North Perth.

I also work online for your convenience.



Is a Japanese energy therapy.  It is transmitted through a light touch and vibrational energy transfer.  Reiki works to release stress and blocks in your energetic system.  Your body and mind achieves a deep and profound sense of relaxation, shedding tension and anxiety while assisting the physical structure to rebalance towards a state of wellbeing and health.

Reiki is a valuable therapy to help you:

* Deconstruct the stress patterns in your life

*Encourage balance, peace of mind and calm

*Improves sleep

*Promote wellbeing and vitality

*Manage anxiety, pain and general malaise

*Enhance the body’s natural healing ability and support conventional medical and health care treatments


*Individual sessions tailored to suit your needs

*Healing meditations combined with Reiki – small groups or one on one

*Beginners meditation groups

*Guided visualisation meditations

*Meditation  & Mindfulness sessions and workshops tailored to businesses and corporate needs



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