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Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology provides registered practitioner training, client sessions (in person and online) from its base in Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia.

Kinergetics® Kinesiology was created by Philip Rafferty in 1991. It is a popular type of Energy Kinesiology which has been taught in over 25 countries and translated into 11 different languages.

Kinergetics® Kinesiology has the power to transform all areas of your health & life. In Kinergetics® Kinesiology, we combine both Kinesiology and natural energy healing to identify, correct and release the emotional, traumas, stressors, sabotages and metaphysical surrounds of pain and health conditions.

As with other Kinesiology systems, Kinergetics uses neurological biofeedback via muscle monitoring, to pinpoint structural, biochemical, psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual areas of stress, imbalance, or dysfunction of the body’s energy systems.

Kinergetics® Kinesiology helps a client to get to the root cause of their problems (e.g. trauma, suppressed emotion, TMJ jaw pain, hypertonic muscles, self-sabotages) and gain an understanding of what is going on inside their mind and body so it can be released and processed on a conscious and unconscious level.

Current stressors, past hurts and traumas can cause  energetic physical, mental and emotional blockages, which are suppressed and profoundly affect us, and our health.

Kinergetics® Kinesiology is a direct yet gentle way to identify and tap into these suppressions. It is a tool used to unravel old negative patterns, sabotages, belief systems and blockages, in order to make the changes required to bring us forward into a secure, open, present and positive state of health, happiness and being.

RESET TMJ® (Rafferty Energy System of Easing the Temporomandibular Joint) is a simple, painless and effective technique that can be used to balance yourself and others. RESET TMJ® directs healing energy through the muscles, nerves and ligaments in the jaw to achieve a state of balance quickly and easily.

Even though RESET TMJ® is extremely powerful, it is so simple that it can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime!

How it came to be…. In 1995 Philip developed his RESET TMJ® 1 workshop (Rafferty Energy System of Easing the Temporomandibular Joint) which is a gentle non muscle testing workshop that addresses specific TMJ Jaw issues.  RESET TMJ® was derived from some of the TMJ work that was part of Kinergetics® Kinesiology modality which Philip developed in 1991.

Philip developed RESET TMJ® 2 in 2012 and RESET TMJ® 3 in 2020.

Philip originally created RESET TMJ® for his clients in Melbourne, who could learn a simple yet effective method of treating their TMJ problems for themselves and their families. The forty-minute treatment has key holding positions for certain positions and lengths of time in the muscles around the jaw, mouth and head area.

Therapists of different modalities often train in this modality and combine it with their existing practice e.g. dental, osteopathy, chiropractic.  RESET TMJ® 1 is taught over four hours and is recognised as a good foundation to further develop working with muscles, energy imbalances and emotional stressors that Kinergetics later teaches.

In 2012 Philip created RESET TMJ® 2 which has energetic corrections for specific imbalances e.g. Whiplash, Frozen Shoulder, Bruxism, Lower Back Pain, just to name a few.

This workshop concentrates on specific energetics protocols that may alleviate the following health conditions.

Back problems
Chronic fatigue
Chronic pain
Clicking jaw
Dental work
Ear pressure
Grinding Teeth
Hip problems
Jaw bite/pain
Muscular problems
Neck problems
Shoulder problems
Tummy aches

The Kinergetics RESET® International Trust actively manages the licensed RESET TMJ® practitioner and instructor program.

Client Sessions:

In a standard Kinergetics RESET® Kinesiology session, Philip or Germaine will use muscle monitoring to establish the priority imbalance/issue that needs to be worked on. The client, fully clothed, lies on the treatment table. The practitioner may conduct tests of muscles in relation to meridian points, the body’s energetic reaction to homeopathic vials of toxins, heavy metals, minerals etc.

The client may be required to talk/think about past traumas, stress, areas of self-sabotage, self-limiting beliefs, illness/pain in the body and access different physical points while the practitioner uses muscle monitoring and performs corrections to balance the body’s energy. A full treatment usually runs for 60 or 90 minutes.

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