Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Massage, REnergy Healing, EFT Tapping

I strive to give the best service to you and aim to reach your individual needs completely.

I have 25 years of experience, starting in the UK, launching in Australia in 2011.

My service comes from the heart with a passion to help you manage daily living aided by pure, natural therapies using pressure point and acupuncture therapies to engage our bodies to heal, plus using high quality products so you can try to live without pharmaceutical suppressants unless absolutely necessary; when in that case my business works complementary to what else you need to do to heal.

A compulsory client consultation is completed prior to the first appointment in order to establish your needs and requirements whilst ascertaining it is safe to offer you a treatment.

Choosing a treatment can be difficult, therefore please feel free to call me at any time to explore further, alternatively, I will be able to advise you at your appointment, however whatever you are being drawn to is a strong indication that your body needs exactly that!

You will be greeted warmly at each appointment, and from that moment onwards, that time is your own.

I advise you to have your treatment when you don’t have to work or carry out strenuous activity afterwards.

With any natural therapy there can be a 24-48 hour healing crisis which is your body going into overdrive to heal you, so listen to your body and if you’re tired; rest.

I look forward to greeting and treating you soon.

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