Roz Bolton. Holistic Health, Healing & Wellbeing

Wellness Room Mt Crosby

Holistic Health, Healing & Well-being Practitioner

I guide others in learning how to listen to their body, and through holistic health & healing, they can achieve, maintain and amplify their well-being and live their best Life NOW.

Treatments & Services include:

Holistic Life Coaching for young adults. This is a dedicated program to help young adults (19-26) get out of a funk or rut and into living life by their truths, values, dreams & happiness.

Holistic Life Coaching for adults. I help you free your mind, body & soul from the blockages that get in your way of living your best Life.

Gong Sound Meditation & Healing (private & group sessions available) Come and experience the power of sound to help heal the body, calm the mind and transform your state of being.

AromaTouch Technique (essential oil experience)

Essential Oils & education

HYL Transformational workshops for young adults & adults based on the philosophy of Louise Hay & her book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’

Kangen Water & education. Change your water, change your life

Cacao ceremonies. Medicine for the soul.