Ava Ashe – Sexologist

Authentic Tantra & Hypnotherapy for Holistic Healing

Ava is an Authentic Tantra® Practitioner, Licensed Transformational Therapy Practitioner, and Certified Tantra & Shamanic movement guide. Ava bridges the gap of spirituality and sexuality when working with the subconscious mind, science, and spiritual embodiment for holistic healing! Through result oriented, tangible means – she quickly & effectively guides men, women and couples from anywhere in the world to reclaim the joy of their sexuality and pleasure.

With her guidance:

  • Learn why you feel stuck and release the blockages holding you back from experiencing ecstasy and bliss!
  • Eliminate past conditioning that keeps you from accessing your full power.
  • Learn lifelong tools to expand your capacity for pleasure and completely transform your relationships.
  • Create consistent, fulfilling, and joyful connection with your partner(s), and become a better lover!
  • Successfully reverse sexual dysfunctions such as numbness/pain in the genitals, vaginismus, low libido, pre-mature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, porn ‘addiction’ and heal trauma
  • Create a sense of sacredness in your sex life
  • Co-regulate and self-connect to facilitate magic and pleasure in your daily life
  • Learn how to navigate specific life changes with more peace, joy and clarity

IICT Approved Modalities Used:

  • RTT: Rapid Transformational Therapy (Hypnotherapy) to rewire self-limiting beliefs through personalized hypnosis recordings and visualization
  • Authentic Tantra rooted in Tibetan 5 Elements of Tibetan Buddhism

Ava offers 1:1 a mentorship program for singles and couples and/or Transformational Therapy sessions depending on your needs/desires.

It’s best to reach me at @ava.ashe on IG/FB or www.flamewithintantra.com (theflamewithintantra@gmail.com)

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