Healing for Contentment (Peter Anthony)

Emotional Healing - Ancient Egyptian Hahnemann Healing

Happiness really lies in contentment!

As Gandhi said “… happiness really lies in contentment”.

Wanting to help people achieve greater happiness and fulfilment in their lives led me to now practice under the name of Healing for Contentment.

In choosing this path, I’ve left behind many aspects of my previous life, including careers in the professional accounting, NFP, management consulting, IT and corporate worlds. My passion these days has a very different focus to that of my past. This career transition has been gradual.

These days, I aim to help people on a more personal level … sharing knowledge, improving their emotional wellbeing, helping them to achieve greater contentment and gain more love in their lives … regardless of their age or circumstances. I do this using highly effective, complementary healing modalities and tools, which I first started studying with Sphinx Spiritual in 2009.

Amongst my various qualifications, I am an accredited Hahnemann Healing Practitioner and Trainer. I am also accredited as an Animal Healer using Hahnemann Healing. I also qualified as a Spiritual Counsellor.

How I aim to help people

Blending these healing and counselling capabilities with my personal and professional experience over many years, I aim to offer this range of services, all aimed at bringing greater contentment and more love into people’s lives, regardless of their stage in life.

The main wellbeing services I now offer more broadly include:

  • Emotional release energy healing (Hahnemann Healing): Using gentle touch, I can direct very strong energy to specific points on a body where it is needed. Each one of these points relate to specific emotions.
  • Hahnemann Healing practitioner training and support: Training others in this powerful healing modality. Providing ongoing technical support to other Practitioners.
  • Hahnemann Healing for Animals: Helping to overcome behavioural issues in animals.
  • Facilitating information-sharing workshops and discussion groups on a range of topics, including: What can Hahnemann Healing do for you? Becoming a Hahnemann Healing Practitioner; Spiritual Counselling; Understanding Spirituality; Finding Your Soulmate; Men with Spirit; etc.

Interested to learn more, or want to make an appointment? Please feel free to contact me via Facebook (@HealingForContentment), email (peter-anthony@healingforcontentment.com.au) or via mobile: 0419 440 665.

As of January 2022, I practice from these locations in Victoria:

  • Frankston: Spirited New Beginnings Healing Hub, 52 Kars St, Frankston VIC 3199
  • South Gippsland: Encompass Natural Health Centre, 60 Bair St, Leongatha VIC 3953