Authentic Healing

Getting you 'unstuck'!

Deep down we all yearn to be happy.

Seems fairly basic right? So. why do so many people feel unhappy, unfilled and unsure of their true purpose in life.

The missing piece of happiness manifests in so many ways … from arguing with our partners and underperforming at work, through to serious issues including depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

I’ve been there … and am here to let you know there is definitely a way forward.

My name is Vicki Wright. Today I am a Neuro Change Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

My purpose is to support others to overcome whatever is preventing them from leading a happy and fulfilled life.

You may need my support if you experience the following: you consistently fall short of your goals, you feel you’re not living on purpose, you lack the confidence to make a much-needed change in your life but you haven’t had the support to achieve, or there is just something holding you back in one or more areas of your life and you want to move forward – for good!

I use the Neuro Change Method and Hypnotherapy (one or a combination) to support your transformation from being ‘stuck’ to being ‘free’.

I work with clients in person from my two Sydney clinics – St Leonards and North Ryde – and globally via Zoom.

My approach is always based on the certainty that each one of us is so much more powerful than we could imagine. Each of us has the power and ability to heal ourselves – I am simply someone who can help guide you along the way.

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