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blue + alchemy = transition from one state to a higher vibrational state through love


Libby Kinna is a Melbourne born, Perth based natural creative artist, writer, explorer and ancestral searcher.

Libby explores the interrelationship between human and spirit.  Capturing the dynamic of the inner and outer world and the intersection between the two lies at the essence of her work which she brings forth through various creative mediums.

Inspired by the rich red earth of Central Australia, the rugged coastline of the Indian Ocean, the rolling mountain ranges of the Grampians and the ancient land of The Kimberley’s her work is infused with the spirit of the lands.   Her connection with the land is expressed through her dot paintings and capturing the essence photographically.

Connection to land feeds and nurtures connection to self.   This is the primary relationship.

Libby’s written works explore the impact of human loss, separation and disconnection from source.  They delve into how to take these experiences deeply inward, to heal, transform and finding your truth and way forward.

Through her creative non-fiction works she writes of the influence and impact the past can have on our present through ancestral ties, and how conscious and enlightened travel can offer fuel for letting go of the past resulting in personal transformation.

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