Complete Canine Care

Mobile Canine Massage

Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT), or Canine Massage, is a
therapeutically applied professional hands-on treatment for dogs. It is
a complementary treatment involving remedial soft tissue and sports
massage, stretching techniques, rehabilitative exercises, and lifestyle

Appropriately applied CMT techniques are used to assist all breeds of dogs
and their different life stages

3 reviews

  1. Genevieve is truly wonderful at her work. My 11.5 year old dog adores his sessions, and they have been such a relief for him. He and Genevieve have a beautiful trusting relationship and I couldn’t recommended her higher.

  2. Would highly recommend Genevieve!

    Our experience with Genevieve has been top notch! 2 dogs with CCL tears within weeks of each other caused us as owners a lot of despair however with the help of Gen, our dogs were back on track and healed better from their surgery in conjunction with their massages. Awesome advice on how to maintain our dogs health into their later years (already 9 & 10) has been so valuable. Love the holistic approach. Would highly recommend Genevieve!

  3. I can't recommend Genevieve highly enough!

    Our Tenterfield Terrier Rosie is 13. She suddenly developed issues that caused her to not want to put weight on one of her legs, or when she did, she had a severe limp. It was clear she was in a lot of pain. Genevieve assessed how Rosie was walking and moving around and gave us some tips on how we can reduce the impact on her aging body. Then throughout Rosie’s massage, Genevieve identified and worked on a number of tight spots and pain points. By the end of the massage Rosie was walking more easily and within a couple of days, she was greatly improved. Since then she has had some additional massages and now she is able to move well and without any signs of pain or discomfort. I can’t recommend Genevieve highly enough. She is highly skilled and is able to connect with dogs in a way I’ve not witnessed before. It’s wonderful to know we have someone who loves and cares for dogs like Genevieve does on Rosie’s care team.

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