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Matter of Life honours the elders in your family – assisting them to tell, write and publish their life story.

Word by word, Matter of Life draws together the strands of their life into a handcrafted tapestry – their unique story.

We help to create an interwoven fabric of life’s experiences – the people they’ve met, the places they’ve seen, and the things they’ve felt. Capturing what is most important to them, in their words.

The essence of your loved one.

Our clients are often older in age or with serious illness. By assisting you to tell, write and publish your life story, Matter of Life assist you to:

  • Reminisce on happy times
  • Celebrate achievements and milestones
  • Reflect on the past, often finding healing in seeing the context of the whole
  • Enjoy a purposeful activity with a real outcome
  • Work on a project focussing away from illness
  • Pass on tributes or ideas, values and perspectives on life
  • Feel relief knowing they will be remembered

Families, friends and coming generations enjoy reading their loved one’s life story, both now and into the future,  gaining:

  • A deeper insight and understanding into their loved one’s life
  • An appreciation of cultural histories of another era
  • New opportunities to start conversations
  • A permanent legacy treasured beyond this life

Packages are based on the number of one-hour sessions with your loved one ‘telling the story’. All packages include a free 30 min consultation and skype sessions are available. For more info see our website.

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