Radiant Essence Modalities

Michele Russo

Welcome, I am a Raindrop Technique and Vitaflex Practitioner, of natural therapy.  The Raindrop Technique is a gentle yet powerful modality developed from ancient energy principles using therapeutic grade essential oils. The area worked on is the spinal mapping of the feet using Vitaflex, and over the back around the spine which essentially covers all aspects of the body.

My passion is helping women to reengage with their core source energy and allow it to flow freely, bringing the body into better alignment, to empower them to realise Balance & Harmony.  By receiving regular sessions, adding this to their ‘Self-care’ routine, their whole world can change for the better, in their own individual ways.  The essential oils give support at a physical and emotional level.  A special addition to supporting the quiet calm that’s missing from our lives.

Massage in general, benefits your circulatory system, the muscular system, strengthens our immune system, especially adding Vitaflex (vitality of the reflexes) which helps release waste from the Lymph system increasing blood flow through the body.  The Raindrop Technique stimulates the nervous system as a whole.

I also teach the non-level practice of the Raindrop Technique for people to be able to use it for their family and friends.  It’s a great introductory course for anyone thinking of becoming a practitioner.

Be the Radiant Essence of You.

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