Divine Evolution

Specialising in Reiki and Flower Essences

Divine Evolution offers a mix of therapeutic flower essences to treat a range of emotional, mental and spiritual health conditions. Flower essences work gently, allowing the releasing of negative patterns, thoughts, behaviours and dynamics. As each layer is unravelled, the changes speak for themselves with feelings of more confidence, more happiness, easier communication, and better relationships, just some of the changes reported by clients. At a very deep level, flower essences are also able to assist in releasing symptoms that are unexplainable, undiagnosable and difficult to change. Flower essences are safe to be used with medications and other modalities. Children respond very well to flower essences which are used to treat a range of childhood behaviours, patterns and illnesses.

A variety of flowers are used to make up these unique essences, throughout the seasons.

Divine Evolution also offers Reiki healing sessions in Newcastle NSW and Australia wide. This ancient Japanese healing system aims to address stress-related conditions, any chronic or acute condition and rebalance energy.

Also known as the universal life force energy, Reiki is a type of Energetic Healing that transmits energy to you through a qualified practitioner. It allow you to use the energy in a way that assists you to clear energy blocks in your body, mind and emotions, allowing you to reach deep relaxation and rebalance your entire being.

The Chakras are known as the energy centres of the body, allowing the energy to flow correctly throughout the body. Any blockage or imbalance in the Chakras can result in symptoms of the body, mind and emotions.

The Meridians are channels which energy flows throughout the body. The meridians are linked to organs within the body. Any blockage or imbalance in the meridians may result in a variety in symptoms, including in the organs related to the meridians.

I work with Reiki, allowing the energy to flow where it is needed. During a session I balance the chakras and check meridians,  clearing them if it is indicated. Benefits of Reiki are often felt with one session although taking regular Reiki sessions can effectively improve long-standing imbalances over time. This holistic healing system has no adverse effects and can be used together with other treatments and medications.

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