Dr Claire Maguire – Raw Horizons Wellbeing Academy

Supporting you to help you support others

Dr. Claire Maguire is the UK’s leading wellbeing coach who inspires people from around the world to take the next step towards living the life they really desire.

With her emphasis on holistic health, Dr. Maguire specializes in training a select number of new wellbeing coaches of exceptional quality and integrity in this rapidly growing area.

Her 5-day Wellbeing Coach Training Course is fully accredited by the NHS Personalised Care Institute & The Association for Coaching.

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“Holistic, affirming, inspiring… The training course was well organized, expertly presented, and in an environment where all were embraced and affirmed. This was one of the best weeks I have spent. Highly recommend.”

With a PhD in medical biochemistry followed by working in top universities as a researcher, Dr. Maguire uses her analytical mind to laser in and get results whilst her background as an independent music company director utilizes her creative mind to evoke fun, laughter and out of the box thinking to create lasting change.

Claire has been featured in many magazines, newspapers, and radio, published her own recipe book, and runs a private coaching practice together with online courses.

As well as wellbeing coaching, Claire is a trained Kundalini and Yin yoga teacher and breathwork facilitator. She is a passionate advocate for movement-based therapy, is even more passionate about the power of the breath, and is a curious soul forever learning.

Like most, she has walked through many trials and tribulations that life loves to throw our way! These challenges always ask of her: how can I take care of me in a beautiful and nurturing manner to be my best in this moment?