Katerina Klyueva

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I am a Gold Coast based Counsellor who has worked in Private Practice and Community settings with Adults, Youth and Families. Working both in the mainstream clinical setting as well as a more alternative healing space, mostly in Melbourne over the years.

The core of my work is around the “Authentic Self” and “Identity”. In order to understand the symptoms and the nature of the problem, it is important to be aware of who you are and what your mind, emotions and psyche are reflecting about you and your situation. I work together with you and help you understand yourself better, your relationships and the difficulties you experience in life. Part of life is facing challenges and going through changes. Whether it is relationships, career, family, your goals or a change in you, the process of moving through the stress, conflict, confusion, anxiety and resistance is important and meaningful. I am here to offer you a space where you can express your emotions, thoughts and worries in a way that supports you, providing you with relief, clarity, insight and meaning.

In a session with me, you have a safe space to talk openly, moving at your own comfortable pace. The sessions are not rushed and focus on addressing your needs. We work on what’s happening for you in the present moment, focusing on the here and now, making sense of what’s really going on, before finding ways of dealing with the situation. Quite often, simply having a space to talk and have someone listen, is what it takes to feel better.

Counselling is a space to discuss rather than be told what to do, which encourages your own decision making so that you feel empowered to make your own choices and direct your life. Everyone has strengths, and we utilise yours in a way that helps you understand the core and cause of your issues and in turn explore ways in managing these.

I have an eclectic style of work, where I mostly draw from the Humanistic-Existential, Psychodynamic, Psychosomatic and Holistic approaches. Integrating modern clinical methods of talk therapy, as well as alternative holistic practices such as Mindfulness, Universal and energetic influences. Each individual is unique and I believe it is important to support each person in a way that is most suitable to them. I, therefore, offer an option of General Counselling or Holistic Counselling.

Honesty, connection and compassion are my values and I commonly work with issues around:

Identity/Authentic Self
Life Transitions
Personal Development
Spiritual Development
Life Purpose/Deeper Meaning in Life
Grief & Loss

If you would like more information about the counselling sessions or would like to make an appointment, you are welcome to call/text on 0411 711 192 or email katerinatherapyservices@gmail.com.