Holistic Practitioner and Life Coach

Reflexology, reiki, crystal healing and life coaching

Hi, I’m Shell, owner of and practitioner at Purple Shell Healing and Shine Life Coaching. I am an experienced and professional holistic practitioner and a certified life coach.

I offer reflexology, reiki and crystal healing and in addition, provide coaching for anxiety and stress management, positivity and overcoming various life issues.

Life is full of challenges that cause emotional distress. When the level of distress gets too much for us to handle on an emotional level, this results in energetic blockages and our physical health becomes negatively impacted as a result.

My goal with reflexology, reiki and crystal healing is to help unblock and re-balance your body’s energy so that your physical and emotional wellbeing improve.

My goal with life coaching is to help people to have positive cognitive thinking patterns and appropriate emotional responses to the world around them. In this way, they reduce the negative impact that cognition and emotions may have on the physical body.

Holistic sessions are offered in English and Dutch, with life coaching sessions in English only.



Reflexology and Reiki – 50-minute session = 65 euros

Crystal Healing – 45-minute sessions = 55 euros

Combination treatment of Reflexology & Reiki or Reflexology & Crystal Healing:
Reflexology (50 mins) and Reiki/Crystal healing (30 mins)
80-minute session = 90 euros

Life coaching session – 60-minutes = 80 euros (online or in-person in The Hague, The Netherlands)

Please contact me to ask a question or to make a booking: purpleshellhealing@outlook.com

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