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Allow yourself to see what you don’t allow yourself to see

Hypnotherapy, when skillfully delivered by an experienced professional, has been clinically proven to provide powerful medical and therapeutic benefits.

Quit Cigarettes in one session
Eliminate unwanted habits such as gambling, marijuana, alcohol
Become your desired weight
Eliminate stress, anxiety and panic attacks
Remove phobias
Heal trauma & PTSD and many many other things.
Hypnotherapy is a safe and natural yet extremely powerful therapy which is capable of creating positive life changes on many levels.

There’s nothing strange or mysterious about Hypnotherapy.

It is simply a meditative state of relaxation. It helps us connect back with ourselves at a deeper level to create the changes that we want in our life – but seemingly have little or no control over.

Hypnosis gives you back control over your feelings, your habits, your behaviours and your choices.

During a session, the Hypnotherapist and the client are working together to achieve the same positive outcome. The Hypnotherapist guides the client to a state of hypnosis which is characterised by a feeling of deep relaxation and focused attention.  In this state, communication with the subconscious part of the mind can elicit powerful positive changes in people’s lives as the therapist and client work together to achieve the client’s desired outcome.  It is a cooperative, two way process that can provide amazing results with astounding success.



I’m an Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Time Line™ Therapist, Certified Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner.





Do you feel as though you’re watching your life go by?

That you’re too busy, too frantic? Not sure where you’re headed?

A Life Coach is someone who helps you to clarify your goals, empowering you to create a life that has vision, and establishes your sense of self-worth and importance.

I’m honest, trustworthy, kind and compassionate – qualities you want to find in a life coach. I provide a welcoming, safe environment so you feel comfortable opening up to tell me what’s in your heart and your head.

I am here to help you discover the root cause of what is blocking you and holding you back in life, so you can experience freedom.

The greatest part of my job is watching people transform themselves. From the moment they walk into their first session, my aim is to give my clients the tools they need to make any decision, confront any situation or embrace any change in their lives.


I use a range of strategies and treatments to achieve this goal:

Positive EFT – a method to improve the flow of energy throughout the body
Hypnosis – working with your unconscious mind to re-program thought processes
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) – works to change cognitive beliefs and patterns
Timeline therapy – Release negative emotions, eliminate limiting decisions and create a positive future



I help people lose dress sizes without losing quality of life.

We all want to feel slim, fit, healthy and happy. So why do people continue to struggle and stay overweight even though there are literally hundreds of diet plans out there?

The reason is that we are all different.

Some of us feel that it just can’t be done.
Some of us do not want to go through the pain.
Some of us just don’t have the willpower.
Some of us are ‘emotional’ or ‘habit’ eaters.
Eating can actually be an addictive behaviour.

The biggest reason of all however………… is because there are deep seated unconscious processes that drive you to eat too much too often.

And most overweight people eat for emotional reasons. Whether lonely or socializing, sad or happy, angry or calm, stressed or just plain bored, it always seems a good reason to comfort or reward yourself with food.

Add to this the fact that most people have no idea about the role that hormones play in metabolism and fat storage, nor do they understand the brain chemistry of food cravings.

So it is easy to understand why so many people are overweight.

The patterns and habits that have formed around eating are actually beyond our conscious control. Unless you can successfully deal with your hidden personal reasons for being overweight you will never reach and maintain your “Desired Weight.”

Through hypnosis, we can access and reprogram those sub-conscious processes, patterns, triggers and habits that keep us overweight and instil new, healthy patterns that will create permanent and lasting change.

It can be almost impossible for some people to stick to a diet. You suffer cravings, experience emotional or comfort eating or just can’t resist the constant temptation. The pain just becomes too much for the effort involved. And you seem to gain the weight back again far easier than you lost it in the first place.

What makes this system so different is that it addresses a vital element that no diet plan addresses – the mind. You can literally rewire your own brain to break old unhealthy habits and replace them with new healthy habits that empower you to achieve your weight goals.

The other powerful aspect of this system is that it works with your specific needs to boost your metabolism and turn on your inner fat burning capabilities. Your metabolism can be enhanced through the foods you eat, the exercise you do and through hypnosis.




The hypnotherapy technique I use has a 97 % success rate for quitting smoking.

After a single 2-hour session with me, a smoker becomes a NON-SMOKER for life.

Everyone knows cigarettes are not good for them. Everyone knows they are enormously expensive.

So, why do people continue to smoke? And why is it so hard for so many people to quit cigarettes? So many smokers want to quit but they can’t. Why is that?

We are all different but the fact is simply that smoking is not within our conscious control. Consciously we tell ourselves that we are not going to smoke anymore but those unconscious patterns, triggers (and habit) just kick in and we have little or no control over them.

Most people have tried to quit so many times in so many ways. So what happened?

It was too hard to deal with the withdrawal symptoms?
Couldn’t handle the cravings.
Stopped smoking and started gaining weight?
Thought one wouldn’t hurt – but it did.
Had a stressful situation.
Had a social situation & a few drinks!
Or some other reason?
I use an advanced set of processes that removes a lot of the common reasons people fail, before they ever happen. No cravings. No withdrawals.

Learning new ways to deal with old stresses. And many people actually lose weight and ‘springboard’ themselves into a healthier, happier lifestyle once they use this solution to quit cigarettes.

There is nothing else that compares to the effectiveness of this process. Patches, drugs & disappointments are things of the past.


and you’re


And if for any reason you need more help, I will do a follow up session totally FREE of charge to help you be a non-smoker for good. That’s my commitment to you.

I take your success very seriously.

You will love the feeling of being a non-smoker and you will be amazed at how achievable it is using our advanced hypnosis techniques.

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