F.R.E.E. to Flourish

'compassion and understanding'

F.R.E.E. to Flourish – ‘compassion and understanding’

My passion is to work holistically with you to facilitate a supportive embodied space from which you can restore from ‘stored trauma’ that has shaped your life.

* Have you ever been told you are ‘overly sensitive’ or that you ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’?

* Do you struggle with procrastination, self sabotage or overwhelm?

* Have you lost your sense of self or struggled with marital or church abuse?

What would it mean to you if you could shed the baggage that has kept you stuck and live your life truly free to flourish?

F.R.E.E. to Flourish provides 1:1 online (telehealth) trauma informed sessions using the F.R.E.E. Method based on a combination of modalities including:

Embodied Processing, Root Cause Therapy and Trauma Informed Coaching.



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