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Claire Louise Healing Kinesiology & Reiki

Claire Louise Healing offers one-to-one healing sessions either in person (on the Sunshine Coast) or via video-call (Zoom/ Facetime).

Claire’s approach to healing is one of self-responsibility.  She views every symptom as a message from the Soul and every experience/ pattern as an opportunity to go deep within ourselves and heal any wounds or limiting beliefs.

Claire endeavours to create a beautiful safe healing space to explore the root cause of any symptom/ pattern/ experience using Kinesiology and Reiki while drawing on over 18 years of Physiotherapy clinical experience.

Claire has a holistic approach to healing and acknowledges the interaction of the emotional, energetic, nutritional and physical aspect of health and wellbeing.   She uses Kinesiology’s muscle monitoring to communicate with the subconscious brain then works with Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and Chakra energy systems to restore balance.

Each treatment session is unique and personal to the client and their needs at that given time.  Examples of treatments used by Claire include release of trapped emotions, forgiveness processes, inner child healing, sound healing, hands on bodywork, flower remedies, tapping therapy, identification of limiting subconscious beliefs and energy healing.

After a session with Claire, Clients have reported feeling calmer, balanced and energized; that they have more clarity for the future with greater optimism for life; easing of physical symptoms, stress and anxiety; empowered to take the control of their health and well-being; and finally, greater love and compassion for themselves and their loved ones.

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