Donna Gunn

Unleash the Warrior

Rapid Transformational Therapy was founded by Marisa Peer. This powerful therapy is a hybrid of hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and talk therapy. RTT’s technique is based on the scientific phenomenon of neuroplasticity, which helps my clients literally rewire their minds for incredible, rapid and permanent results.

While RTT can help resolve many issues, I have chosen to specialise in Depression and anxiety due to my life long fight with both illnesses. RTT completely changed my life and it will change yours too.

I use a slightly different approach with my clients. I firstly use Rapid Transformational Therapy to overcome the presenting problems and reprogram my clients with the beliefs necessary to start living a beautiful and happy life. Reprogramming my clients is essential to believe they are enough, lovable and can have it all.

I then use Neuro Linguistic Programming to begin manifesting their dreams and to go about achieving the goals they are now capable of reaching. Extraordinary accomplishments can be made once you know they are available to you.

I have found using the combination of these two modalities highly effective and provide my clients with long lasting phenomenal results. I provide my clients with my unique and highly successful 21 day program and support them the entire way. You gain access to not only me, but to my online tribe of amazing warriors, and my incredible resources of programs and online courses. I have learnt how to keep your body, mind and soul in the best possible shape so you can get busy living your best life.

I specialise in depression and anxiety because I can feel a clients pain, I literally see it and I listen to their hearts. My experience with my own battle and finding the courage to change, is my secret weapon.

I worked in corporate management for almost 20 years and the stress of working 70 hour weeks and being in an unhappy marriage, anxiety had taken hold of me. I had put on 75kgs from eating my emotions, was completely miserable and developed a negative mindset. Then depression came knocking and I began to lose hope of ever being happy. After my father passed away, the warrior inside of me began to call. It was a quite roar at first, those thoughts of “Is this it? I thought it was meant to be more beautiful than this?” but slowly the desire for more took over every thought I had. I realised I had surrendered my dreams so long ago that I didn’t even know what they were anymore. Enter the life changing, messy and excruciating breakdown (as my traditional talk therapist labelled it) that took me into the deepest parts of my soul and subconscious, and then my breakthrough (As anyone who has had RTT calls it) occurred. I also call it my uprising, my internal warrior had found her voice and was ready to fight for what I always wanted and truly deserved…physical and mental health, deep love, beautiful and passionate connections, the courage to follow my dream of helping others, and to become my true authentic self.

I became certified in Rapid Transformational Therapy, Neuro Linguistics Programming and the rest is a beautiful tale of life changing moments and opening my heart to the world. Unleash the Warrior was born, and I created an online tribe of people from all walks of life with one common goal…to be happy and live their best lives. I have a busy practice where I help clients transform and the magical part is that I get to have a front row seat. I give clients the tools, support them with love and kindness (and some tough love when needed) while they evolve, rise up and their warrior is unleashed.

I look forward to guiding you through your own life changing transformation.

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