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I have been a Reiki master for over 15 years and I have been guided to make my Reiki products. I hand make and attune Reiki Distance toys and pillows.  These products are attuned with the intent of creating comfort, help with sleep issues and anxiety. As the nature of Reiki is the energy decides what it is need for it has been surprising to the results from these products.  When I was first guided to make these products, the first product I made was not to my standards and I gave it to my very anxious and high strung dog to play with, I noticed that she would sit with her toy and was very calm even in situations where she would be anxious, my other dog has seizures and I have noticed when he is not feeling very well he will sit with this toy in his mouth for a while.  This is the only toy that neither dog has destroyed.  

Distance Reiki is sent weekly to these products or as I feel needed. Sometimes I will feel that someone needs a Reiki boost and I will send distance to all products.  I have incorporated the attunements into the products and bring Reiki down while sewing them.  I have a healing book which I use when sending Reiki weekly.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 

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