Lisa Gallagher

Spiritual and Ancestral Healing Therapy

Our journey of healing is deep and continuous. We heal in layers, moving gradually deeper and inwards towards the centre where we meet the essence of ourselves – our authentic expression of self.

Therapy sessions are gently tailored and guided, combining ancient teachings and techniques in sound, natural and celestial therapeutics.


My profession qualifications include


Sound Therapy

Rahanni Celestial Healing

Within the Irish tradition, I carry the responsibility of Bean Feasa and Priestess.


My therapy sessions create a unique blend as guided by the individual needs of my clients.

The healing elements of the sky, sea and land are incorporated, helping to align our energies with the natural elements around us, gradually bringing us into harmony with the natural world and aligned with our unique life path.



When we are aligned with our authentic selves and with our life path we feel at peace, in flow and in harmony. Sometimes we can encounter life lessons that can throw us off our path and create cycles of trauma, pain and destructive patterns, leading to disharmony in our lives. Therapy sessions are an opportunity to heal and release the root of disharmony and realign with your soul purpose and life’s path.


Optional Add On – Personal Meditation

You can choose to upgrade your experience and receive a soothing guided meditation with voice and music created and recorded especially for you following your session. This meditation is designed to provide you with ongoing support as you continue your own journey of personal growth and development. It may be a guided journey to support release of energy or an alignment meditation to help you focus for the day ahead or wind down at night.

Each meditation is individual and guided by what is needed for you at that moment in time.


Additional Online Offerings:

Ancestral Healing Workshops

Workshops within the indigenous Irish traditional medicine

Self-Healing Courses

Practitioner and Vocational Training

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