Kites & Angels Life Coaching & Root Cause Therapy

Master Your Mindset

Kathryn offers several different 1:1 packages as well as an online group programme.  Scroll down to find the one that suits you best


Life Coaching & Mindset Skills for overwhelmed women who feel that they have lost something of themselves and want to find their new direction in life through increasing their confidence, self-esteem & focus.  Kathryn’s particular passion is in supporting mums who want to build up their self-esteem, self-worth & confidence so that they can do an more and feel like more than “just a mum”.


6 & 12 week packages available.

Packages include:

·      6 or 12 x 1:1 sessions with Kathryn

·      Unlimited Email and Messenger support between sessions

·      A 10 minute accountability call between sessions to keep you on the right track

All sessions are tailored specifically to the individual client.



Have you ever wondered why you seem to repeat the same patterns over and over again, even though you know that they are not serving you well???  It could be caused by subconscious emotions and memories.

With RCT, my focus is to assist you in understanding yourself on a deeper level, not only knowing, but healing, the root cause of your symptoms and/or behaviours.

This unique style of therapy taps into the 4 levels of who we are as a human being (emotional, mental, physical, soul), to leave you feeling more confident, focused and at peace with who you are as a person.

8 week programme



Tailored Transformational packages, using a blend of Root Cause Therapy and Mindset Coaching to help overwhelmed women find their new direction in life, through reconnecting with their own passions and goals, and clearing any subconscious blocks they may have.

8 week programme



Say Goodbye to trying to do it on your own!

If you are a mum who is ready to experience more both inside and outside of the home so you can confidently step into what you feel called to do while still being an INCREDIBLE mum, then THE MORE THAN A MUM MENTORSHIP is for you!

Banish Mum Guilt & build self-esteem so that you have the confidence to start something new, with The More Than A Mum Mentorship giving you all the resources & support you need to…

  • Identify & challenge your negative self-talk & Limiting Beliefs
  • Free yourself from unrealistic expectations of being a “perfect mum”
  • Learn to put yourself first, so you can give more to others
  • Build your confidence muscle to start something new
  • Let go of the “I’m Just”s

12 weeks of taught content PLUS

  • A FULL 12 MONTHS access to weekly Q&As, Root Cause Therapy Sessions & the Elite FB Community
  • Support & Accountability from both Kathryn & the community of other mums
  • Specific tasks to complete to ensure that you get the most out of the lessons
  • You will be guided and supported through it all by someone who has been where you are…someone who gets it!!!