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Traditional Chinese An Mo Healing Massage

At Absolute Renewal our Traditional An Mo Energy Massage/bodywork sessions allows complete relaxation, letting your mind rest and simply being present. As your body sinks into the table, you will gently leave behind your day to day thoughts and worries. Our gifted practitioners will have you drifting off in no time.

Traditional An Mo is one of the most healing massages, Whilst removing stagnant energy, It is also a nurturing and relaxing experiences you can give to your body, mind and spirit. This is not a remedial massage but extremely relaxing and revigorating.

An Mo is an ancient Chinese massage technique. It uses pressing and rubbing movements for relaxing and strengthening the muscles and joints. Working on your Meridian points – Energy Highway in your body. During the massage, heat and movement of Qi (life force energy) increases as well as blood flow which stimulates Ching energy, which then moves and flows through the muscles and joints causing the spirit (Shen) to awaken.  This is an incredibly unique massage.

At the commencement, The body is massaged with warm coconut oil, which is infused with hand selected essential oils to assist in your absolute relaxation. The session ends with a hot towel treatment, and refreshments whilst you float back to the world.

The sessions are conducted by Accredited Tantra Practitioners:      Members of AITT and IICT.

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