Lia Estate QMi Quantum Medical Intuitive Energy Healing

Energy Healing, Medical Intuitive

Lia Estate QMi . IICT . NFH . IMIA . AMIA . MDIA . AIA .
Intuitive Energy Medicine & Healing – Quantum Medical Intuitive
Emotional Health & Wellbeing – Quantum Matrix Energetics – Frequency Vibrational Healing – Energy Healing – Wellness Facilitator – Spiritual Healing – Clairvoyant Healer
Personality Profiler – Energetic Self Defence – Personal Protection – Space Clearing & Protection – Homes & Buildings – Vehicles & Other
General Wellbeing – Mental / Emotional / Physical – Life Coaching –  Personal & Corporate

​Art Therapy / Artist / Graphics / Photographer
Interior Architect & Designer – Furniture & Product Designer


Take the first step to initiate wellness and peace of mind for the rest of your life, with an initial and subsequent session to create this environment of support.

The session lasts approximately 50 – 60 minutes and encompasses energy work that pin-points, isolates, and changes the energy blockages into free-flowing energy that is beneficial and your future well-being.

I adjust the frequency modulations that surround you and help allow your true nature to thrive.  Sometimes changes happen immediately and you may experience immediate and lasting relief.


Giving you the tools and positive support, that will eventually give you the ability to stand alone and deal with issues on your own as they come up and not need to rely on others to make you well and give you peace of mind.

I’m always here to help and support your ultimate spirit of wellness, joy, and love.

Let the light shine within us all.

“The first step is your willingness to participate in your well-being and to shift your perception to an empowering more positive outlook, and keep it there.”

“To heal we must look within. We project and manifest our reality through our thoughts.

Every moment is important. We are all connected.”      . . .  Lia Estate`. . .

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One on One sessions at : Montmorency & View Bank

Zoom online sessions available.

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