Wellbeing Counselling

Creating inner balance for outer success

Wrestling with uncomfortable feelings, or looking for an answer to a concern that’s bothering you? If you feel worried, anxious, stressed, angry, scared, confused, depressed, and perhaps overwhelmed, talking helps. As a qualified professional counsellor who knows how to navigate these emotions, my 20+ years experience can help you see the situation more clearly, and support you regaining your trust in your capacity to feel what’s right for you. The wellbeing counselling I provide, empowers you by addressing what you feel stressed or conflicted about; building on your innate strengths, especially if you’re feeling self-doubt; learning breathing techniques that re-establish emotional and mental calm; unearthing what you are passionate about; focusing on choices that rebuild your self-confidence; exploring better ways of communicating; and identifying actions that strengthen you. Though face-to-face, video link, or phone sessions, I create an emotionally safe environment where you can develop a roadmap to create more of what you want and need in your life. I provide practical support for you to explore choices at your own pace, helping you see the best way forward. If this approach resonates well with you, I welcome your contact.

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