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QHHT - Past Life Regression & Connecting with your Higher Self

Hi beautiful soul,

The universe has brought you here for a reason, and it’s so wonderful to see that you’ve discovered QHHT!

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) is a powerful method developed by the late Dolores Cannon.  It involves Past Life Regression as well as accessing and asking questions of your Higher Self.

During a session we help you to relax and reach the Theta state, which is a natural brain wave state. The hypnosis is not like what you see in the movies, but is a state we routinely experience every day – just before falling asleep at night and waking in the morning.

It is in this natural deep state you connect with your Higher Self to receive guidance and messages that are appropriate to help and guide you at this time.

Some examples of questions people have asked and found answers to:

  • Why do I feel anxious, depressed or fearful? Can this be released?
  • I have come to a cross roads in my life, which way should I go?
  • How can I resolve a particular challenge in my life?
  • Am I on the right path in my career?
  • How can I better connect to others?
  • Why do I have this health problem? Is there a way to make it better?
  • How can I improve the relationship with my partner/family member/friend? How can I help them?
  • What do my dreams mean?
  • Why do I feel like I don’t belong?
  • Why was I born into this body?
  • Will I find my soul mate?
  • How do I get back my creative spark?
  • How can I feel more peaceful?
  • Something unexplainable happened in my life and I would like to know why? What really happened?
  • How can I improve myself?
  • How can I feel more connected to my Higher Self?
  • Am I on the right path?
  • What is my purpose in this life?

A QHHT session is a beautiful way to connect with your Higher Self – to help you along your life journey.

At My Inner Journey, we are certified QHHT practitioners and stay true to the QHHT method founded by Dolores Cannon.

If you are interested in knowing more about QHHT, or would like to book a session, please visit our website:


“Love is the most powerful force in the world. If people tell you that the opposite of love is fear, it is not so. Love just is. Love has no opposite. Remember that, dear one. Love has no opposite. Love just is. It is the answer to everything. Everything.”

– Dolores Cannon

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