Photonic Red Light Therapy

Advanced Photonic Therapy

Photonic therapy is an advanced form of acupuncture using light, instead of needles, to stimulate recognised acupuncture points.
As a complementary medicine, Photonic Therapy offers a safe, non-invasive, painless and effective method of home health, which provides temporary relief from pain and promotes healing in people and animals.

The tools: A photonic 660 nm Red LED light and Information Packs for Horses, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Cattle, Alpacas and People.

We also offer online and certified courses.

The conditions and ailments we use it for: Physical conditions, mental conditions, body parts,…
An example: for horses apart from pain relief,  we use it in the following situations:
 Calming
 Colic
 Stop Bleeding
General Conditions
 Anxiety or Nervousness
 Arthritis
 Diarrhoea or Scouring
 Equine Viral Diseases
 Exercise Induced Pulmonary Bleeding
 Eye Disorders
 Performance Maximization
 Performance Stress Recovery
 Stomach Ulcers
 Tetanus
 Tying up (Azoturia)
 Scars
 Wind Sucking (Cribbing)
 Wound healing
 Urinary Problems
Skin Conditions
 Hives
 Itchy Skin
 Excess Sweating
 Lack of Sweating (Anhydrosis)
 Cushing’s Disease
Body Areas
 Neck and Wobbler syndrome
 Shoulders and Foreleg
 Knock Knees in foals
 Back
 Croup and Rump (Sacroiliac) Injury
 Rotated Pelvis
 Hip Joint or Articulation
 Stifle
 Hocks
 Tendon Sprains
 Hoof Disorders
 Laminitis
 Navicular Disease
Fertility & Breeding
 Cystic Ovaries or Ovarian Colic
 Lactation Increase
 Lactation Reduction at weaning
 Induction of Labour
 Increase fertility in both sexes
 Neo-natal Constipation in foals
 Prolapsed Uterus
 Retained Placenta

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