Natsukashii Healing

Reiki and Crystal healing

Have you ever stopped to think about just how intelligent our bodies are ?

When we cut ourselves we simply clean the wound, pop a bandaid on and a few days later it has healed!  Well for me – that is the healing energy that is Reiki.  Our body intuitively and naturally knows how to heal itself.

We just need to get out of its way 🙂

Reiki is a simple, natural healing system where a practitioner places their hands on various energy centres of the body, from head to toe, activating the flow of energy.  Reiki increases our natural life force energy to bring about a state of balance for mind, body and soul.

I use a technique called palm or hands on healing through which that healing energy is transferred through to my client in order to encourage emotional and physical healing and wellness.

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  1. Intuition and natural ability

    My treatment with Nat was very professional and she absolutely blew me away with her intuition and natural ability to find the areas on my body that needed healing. Without me having said a word she instinctively knew where my problem areas were and I could feel the benefit after the first session with her. Nat is a natural and a very gentle and kind soul. An amazing healer with a natural talent. I could highly recommend Nat of Natsukashii healing.

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