Sakshi Rising

Tantra Practitioner: Ambassador for Self-Love & Empowerment

This is not my job, this is my true passion.

I’m Jodi Reilly, a passionate Accredited Tantra Practitioner and dedicated ambassador for self-love, kindness & empowerment. I am also an Intuitive Energy Worker & High Vibe Entrepreneur.

Through my practice I am privileged to be working with beautiful souls just like yours.  My purpose is to guide more men, women, teens and couples to self empower, truly love thyself, honestly connect deeper into self and create more meaningful, heartfelt connections with others.

My life purpose is to guide you to ignite your passion, discover your true purpose and joy.

Close your eyes and picture this in your life: a loving, unconditional relationship with self. More passion. Deeper connections. Unapologetic authenticity and more zest for life, every day!

Are you ready to dig deep? Now is the time for you to live your best life and begin loving yourself unconditionally.

I am here to hold space for you.

Until we connect, I hope you are loving yourself intensely & unconditionally!


Ambassador for Self-Love, Kindness & Empowerment

🦚 Accredited Tantra Practitioner 🦚 Intuitive Energy Worker 🦚 High Vibe Entrepreneur

E: / M: 0488 488 266

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