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Spiritual / Energetic Healing will teach you basic techniques on working with the energy flow from universal energy, earth energy and how to rebalance the chakra system. The chakra system is one of the oldest known systems of the human body with over 4000 years of written history through the ancient Hindu texts. More recently over the past 60 years it has come to western consciousness.
You will be taken through the basics of the seven chakra system and be shown how to assess and rebalance the system, promoting a sense of balance and well being.

You will also learn how to assess and rebalance the auric field. The aura is part of the human energy system that emanates the energy from within. This healing module will teach you a number of aura healing techniques to promote the smooth flow of energy into and through the chakra system and the physical body.

The complexities of the aura can be broken down and easily understood when presented in the right way. So often, you are actually in touch with your auric field through your feelings but simply don’t realise it. Viewing the aura is a simple skill everyone can learn very quickly. The ability to translate that into a healing modality is also a very easy and simple skill to learn that „anybody‟ can do. This is part of what you will learn in Spiritual Healing.

You will also be taught various skills in how to deal with people. It is important to have a well developed sense of confidence in whatever techniques you do. This is beneficial on many levels, not only to strengthen your understanding and ability at this level, but it then opens your sense of self worth and purpose, that in turns leads you to becoming more open in life in general, not just to be better at the healing skills, but in every area of your life.

This course is designed to help you in working with spirit to gently heal body, mind and soul. Energetic healing is the most holistic healing of all, restoring peace and harmony to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. In this course, you‟ll develop an in-depth understanding and awareness of the chakras, the aura and other energetic structures of the human being. You‟ll learn how to access healing energy and direct it to where it‟s most needed for your own wellbeing and that of others. Spiritual Healing will teach you how to have formed intuitive connections with your guides, how to build a channel to spirit, and become attuned to your powers as an energetic healer.

Have you ever felt a tingling or sensation in your hands…? Then this course is for you!

The following course outline is what you will learn:

The nature of spiritual / energetic healing / What is energy?
Learning the Energy system of the human body
The Aura & The layers of the Auric Body in greater detail
Colour and their vibrational effect on the body
Chakras, what are they?
Learn Healing Meditations and 14 Healing Techniques
The Nature of Dis-ease, what is it?
Chakras in greater detail
Belief Structures and Affirmations
Over-extended and Under-extended Chakras
Setting up a healing room & healing Techniques
What is the Soul‟s Journey?
The seven layers of the chakras.
Healing the seven layers of the chakras
The kundalini, Ida, Pingala & Shushumna, what are they?
The Nadi system, the connection to the Endocrine System
Healing the Nadi system
Healing with Crystals
Student Clinic one class

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