Rising Strong Holistic Healing

I help souls grieve, igniting love, purpose, connection to life

Hello I’m Melissa…
Root Cause Therapist, Pranic Energy Healer, Emotional Coding, Natural Mindfulness Bush Therapy, Kinesiology, Biofield Tuning with a background in Mental Health & AOD.

Melissa’s is a passionate, skilled Holistic Healing Therapist with qualifications and years of experience supporting people with mental health concerns. Melissa has a heartfelt desire to and focus in supporting people experiencing deep emotional pain from Grief, loss to suicide.

Melissa helps souls grieve, who have become dissociated from their authentic, soul self. I lead & empower You to transform your Life – to create the life you envisage releasing emotional pain and trauma. To connect YOU to your Souls sense of self, place and belonging…, igniting LOVE, Purpose and Connection to Life. 

Melissa’s is able to add potent value for each person as she uniquely offers a service tailored to everyone’s individual needs. This allows you to experience several healing options as she organically moulds all her qualifications, skills and abilities together in one natural healing offering.
Melissa’s career experience has proven that she aims to lead and support people of community equally through her service, that enables connection, inclusion and unconditional acceptance for you to achieve your desires.
Starting out as a Personal Trainer and wanting to take this into the outdoors led her to becoming an Outdoor Recreation Guide providing adventurous opportunities leading people on remote hiking expeditions to Mt Everest Base Camp, Himalaya Treks including cross country ski expeditions on home soil in Australia. She continued to serve community as an SES volunteer in vertical rescue. This experience and exposure, Melissa observed a common theme, which was how people were experiencing a disconnect within themselves and their relationships as she naturally became a deep listener through her work when on these journeys with people.
Melissa deeply wanted to be able to support people more and decided to study further completing her Diploma in Mental Health & AOD to be able to communicate the mental health concerns people were experiencing. In addition, also completing Advanced certificates in Suicide Prevention and is an internationally accredited Nature Connection & Mindfulness Guide, all with the idea of bringing Holistic Healing practices and her love of nature together because it was very obvious then and now, that the one element that allows people to heal is when they are immersed in nature.
Mother Earth is our source of wisdom and medicine where an interconnectedness takes place as we are rooted in a common spiritual source.
Melissa is spiritually conscious, connected mother earth and deeply loves all there is to nature. She likes to dedicate the beginning of her days immersing in meditation connecting to her heart space…, as this brings forth clarity, centredness, direction for the day ahead. She loves reading books, and values her family, all of this allows for a deep soulful connection to Life.
And so…. It is her heartfelt wish to help guide you to create the life you desire because…
We all yearn to be loved and to know of our purpose that brings deep meaning into our lives. This is innate within us all, and it is our souls calling that once identified, can bring you home to your soul self.
So, my dear ones…. Are you ready to live your most beautiful life with great love, thus doing what you love and loving what you do from your highest conscious self?
Then, I would love to connect with you…, OR maybe you know of someone a friend, family member that could do with a gentle guiding hand at the moment, particularly if they are experiencing grief.
BOOK HERE https://calendly.com/risingstronghh and LET’S have a no obligation REAL heart to heart Soul Strategy call to road map your challenges, to learn how to move through and/or past these…,
AND understand how Melissa can serve YOU and your needs most effectively now.

Melissa will be honoured to receive your Call, thank you.



2 reviews

  1. Root Cause Therapy

    Melissa creates such a beautiful calm space. I felt very safe and supported. She had good rapport and her tone and voice is gentle and calm. I felt very well lead through the process. She explained the session and what to expect so well. I felt very safe and supported during the releasing of emotions. Overall each session was amazing.”
    – Veronica Wolski; North Qld

  2. Root Cause Therapy

    I found it very enlightening, and I shifted most of my limiting beliefs. I also managed to recall a number of things that I didn’t know that I had remembered.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and Melissa was very nice and explained everything very clearly.”
    Marcus Blackburn United Kingdom

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