Trish Rock

Coach | Spiritual Guide & Teacher | Psychic

The power of peace in your life can transform anything and Trish Rock, dubbed by her clients as the Queen of Calm, can help you find a greater sense of inner peace, direction, and clarity in any area of your life.


Using her intuitive gifts, psychic ability, and her Holistic approach to change, she can get to the root of any block in your life and show you a way to transform it. A team of Spirit guides help Trish deliver messages and solutions to her clients with ease and simplicity.

Trish is the author and creator of the  P.E.A.C.E Process – Aligning with Peace and Prosperity through Parallel Reality. She has also published a deck of oracle cards called the Life Alignment Oracle.

Her work is changing lives daily and bringing more peace, that creates a powerful ripple effect to all.

You can find her at

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