Tammy Majchrzak

Metatronia Foundation of Light

Tammy is a Spiritual Teacher, Ascension Dynamics Facilitator, Lightworker Trainer, Transformational Coach and Metaphysician.  She serves as a direct link to Source, the divine law of the One, assisting the vessel’s light evolution. The platform for this light is through Metatronia Therapy and the Metatronia Foundation of Light (MTFOL).  Tammy works directly with Source to initiate the vessel’s conscious awakening and works mainly on a One-on-One unique basis.  The services offered are here to assist you as you align, awaken and open to your Source. All training, Coaching Sessions and Attunements are available through live Zoom sessions and digital downloads. The MTFOL is an accredited and approved global training foundation that supports Metatronia Energy Practitioners.

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  1. Phenomenal Energy Worker to assist in your Alignment with your Source

    Tammy is an amazing person inside and out. I was divinely led to Tammy in 2011. Tammy was an intricate cooperative component on my journey to becoming conscious of my Source and my alignment to. Tammy was warm, welcoming and supportive of my desire to serve others who were also desiring for alignment to their Source. There are not words enough to express my appreciation to having crossed paths with Tammy. My life would not be the same! I have expanded so much over the years and experienced some really unimaginable, magical things. Tammy has been a very special part of my story and journey. I am so glad that I was led to her years ago.

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