Michele Russo

Radiant Essence Modalities

Raindrop Technique & Vitaflex Technique

Exotic experience of relaxation using 100% pure essential oils from Young Living.  Helping to bring your body into alignment physically and emotionally ~ Balance & Harmony.

Additionally, practice Chakra Balancing with Healing Touch which complements the other modalities.

The modalities are gently applied but affect your whole inner wellbeing.   Raindrop Technique is working on the feet with Vitaflex and then on the spine where the oils are dripped onto the back and lightly ‘feathered’ in. With every 9-11 essential oils used, various modern massage, American Indian feathering and Vitaflex Techniques are applied.

Vitaflex is a Tibetian version of Reflexology, covering various energy points mapping the body.

Results are transcending and empowering.

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