African College of Naturopathy

The African Healing Art is based on a holistic understanding of the ancestral vision of the human being. It is oriented towards the current needs of the person in relation to his social and natural environment.

In the interaction of the physical, mental, and spiritual levels of the organism, “health” is considered a holistic and dynamic process. The goal of the African Healing Art is to strengthen self-regulation, promote self-perception and strengthen healing competence by opening new perspectives and opportunities for action.

The African Healing Art acts as a mediator of the regulatory impulses in the field of the numerous body rhythms in interaction, which allows to achieve a balance between the neuro-sensory processes and the processes of the metabolic-member system.

It’s understanding of massage, nutrition, dialogue, medicinal plants and as an alternation between the contracted and the released, as well as a dynamic mediation between polarities, distinguishes it from other techniques.

The African Healing Art embodies: Wisdom, Spirit, Nature and Knowledge, the understanding of which life comes from the Ancestors, Nature and Culture which is considered the oldest health system for the healing of humans in Africa especially among the Bantu, Yoruba, the Pygmies, and the people of the Desert regions.

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