Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu

Experiential astrology is an ancient ritual technique used in conjunction with modern therapeutic practices, and Daniel Sowelu is one of the few practitioners who trains people in this technique.

It is a gentle and powerful technique that allows a person to communicate directly with their own unconscious in all its wisdom and mystery, reconnect with lost or wounded parts of themselves and simultaneously access the healing and transformative energies at the heart of our deepest self.

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  1. Experiential Astrology has been one of the most powerful modalities I’ve ever experienced. I cannot recommend Daniel enough, in the years I’ve worked with him I’ve felt deeply respected, acknowledged & honoured in my processes, as well as held emotionally whilst navigating, at times very vulnerable inner work. I love the fact that my astrology chart is actually my very own personal road map to go within and can explore any aspect of myself. Daniel is a rare and genuine being who tunes in exceptionally well, including to the unheard and unseen, its a real gift.

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