Spiritually You Orb Genetics TM

Life Symmetry Pty Ltd

Spiritually You Orb Genetics TM is for you if you are a holistic practitioner looking for something new to add to your modalities for your clients and want the guarantee of credibility in achievable direct results you can pass onto your client.

Or, you have always wanted to create your own business in the Spiritual field but weren’t sure where to start or which modality.

You will have already completed different Spiritual courses and are now looking to learn something you can teach and earn money from as a whole program that has been featured in local and national media and has dozens of testimonials you can link to.

Created by the owner who has fully resolved her own Irritable Bowel Syndrome using these methods and has dozens of clients who have transformed from chronic lifelong conditions.

The meditation style framework is based in Dream work and the philosophy of each cell in the human body having its own memory and a gradual layering of Client experiences that they create for themselves.

This framework enables you to Teach your clients through 8 simple 1 hour sessions how to Self Heal and reconnect physically, mentally and spiritually back to their own body, mind and energy through a series of daily, weekly and monthly practices.  The program can take place face to face or remotely anywhere in the world.  It can take place with groups of individuals or on a one to one basis.  The choice is yours.

For a truly unique approach to connecting and establishing your own energy, your own unique source blueprint this lifetime.  Emma designed this program for any individual regardless of background, culture or spiritual experience to take their first steps in connecting to themselves.  As she put it “we all have our own innate knowledge, we have simply forgotton how to access it”.

Learn to teach your clients in one session HOW to experience their OWN way of receiving specific guidance from themselves and their guides.  HOW to connect, understand and experience their own energy vs others.

Teach HOW to use dreams as an untapped resource, choosing what and when to dream and ENABLE your clients to interpret them for themselves to solve problems in their waking life.

Learn HOW to uncover the unique back up power source and trust point and use this in their every day life.

Teach HOW to resurface hidden cellular memories and SHOW clients HOW to SIMPLY repattern their own cellular blueprint.

Teach HOW to meet and learn from maternal and paternal genetic lines whenever your clients choose, activating hidden gifts in their cells.

This framework puts your clients back in the driving seat for their health, emotions and unique gifts to be shared with humanity.

They walk away empowered with a suite of tools they can use on a daily, weekly, monthly cycle to continue to refine for them personally as their understanding of themselves grows.

Not only do you receive ALL the materials to teach Spiritually You – Orb Genetics TM you also receive guidance on specific resources that Life Symmetry Pty Ltd use to assist you in turning this into a profitable business, from creating your own videos, to choice of conferencing tool, to setting up online and offline groups where your clients can interact with you and each other.

AND because Emma knows that this modality will continue to evolve and grow as humanity evolves, you will also gain access to the Spiritually You Orb Genetics TM Practitioners Academy.  A place where you will be able to ask questions, share best practice, have a true support network.



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